Desperate for an online job: College students looking to make up to $400 a month

With the current economy you really need a side hustle inorder to survive.  Your salary alone can’t provide all your necessary needs which is why getting an online job is ideal if you want to survive.

Many students finds it difficult to pay their fees and even buy the necessary textbooks all becaus their parents can’t afford it. Which is the main reason you are desperate for an online job inorder to pay for your fees, buy the necessary textbooks and even have enough food stuffs without having to make call to your parents.

As a student you can be making up to $400 to $500 per months with only your smart phone. If you are interested in getting your own share of the online money, then you should read this post till the end. As we will be showing you some often simple ways to start making your own money online.

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With these strategies I have been able to make lots of money for my self, living comfortably without any regret. I now live the life which i have only dreamt of before.  If you wants to change your financial status, then you should take these features listed below very serious.

What are online job

Online job are just like our normal daily job, just that we are allowed to work remotely from the comfort of our home at our own convenient time.  Instead of working the daily 9 to 5 at your office, you can comfortably work from home.


Online jobs for students to make money
Online jobs for students to make money

You can choose an online job or business and  start making your own money, instead of working your ass off.

Some examples of Online job includes ; freelancing, affiliate marketing,  copywriting, blogging, digital marketing and even graphic design.

Why start an online job 

Many people have their own reasons why they choose an online job over thousands of offline work in Nigeria.  But as for me, I choose online job because it’s comfortable and the pay is huge compared to the offline work.

Below are some of the basic reasons why you should start an online job.

  • You work from home
  • You work at your own convenient
  • The pay is huge
  • You don’t need to work long hours
  • It doesn’t require much capital only some simple skills.

Online job to make $400 to $500 per months

With these online jobs you can make as much as $500 per month as a beginner, once you master the game you can start making up to $2,000 to $5,000 per month.

Some of these online jobs only require you to work for like 3 to 5 hours per day. Which is why it’s more lucrative than most form of offline jobs.

Check out these online jobs and select the one that best suit your style.

1. Freelancing 

Freelancing is a very simple online work which allows you to work for foreign companies or individuals in exchange for a pay. In freelancing you offer services like freelancing,  copywriting,  graphic design, web design and development, programming and even consultation.

To start freelancing you will have to join some of these amazing plartoms to help boost your visibility. Some of the programs are fiverr,   upwork and even on freelancer marketer.

2. Copywriting 

Copywriting is a very simple Online job to start as a student,  all you have to do is write an amazing compelling post that will help persuade people to take specific actions.

Online jobs for students to make money
Online jobs for students to make money

Many big organisation are looking for copywriters to help them in the advert posting. You can start by simply applying or better still join fiverr or upwork and list yourself as a copywriter and you will see lots of people who will be very interested in employing you.

3. Virtual Assistant

Another online job you should start as a college student is virtual Assistant,  which is very lucrative and easy to work from the comfort of your home.

As a virtual Assistant your main job is to work as an administrative support to a company or an individual.  You will have to work remotely from home which is very good, especially if you are an introvert.

4. E-commerce 

You have probably heard of dropshipping which is a simple business model where you have to sell stuff through online stores like EBay, Amazon and even Etsy.

Expertnaire sign up for students in 2024

As a student you can start a dropshipping job from home and it won’t even interfere with your studies. Start today and earn big money just by simply doing some simple job.

5. Online tutoring 

Nowadays there are many people who are eager to learn some basic skills, language and even dance steps online. This is where you come in, you can start tutoring them on those skills , languages you are good at in exchange for money.

Online jobs for students to make money
Online jobs for students to make money

This might not even take you up to 30 minutes per day. job

These are some of the basic online jobs oh van start now and begin making money in no time.

Things to know when starting an online job

Before you start an online job oh should probably know some of.this basic info;

  • Online job is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time to build but once its built it can sustain you for a longer time . Hence it’s called a passive income.
  • Chose only the job that you have passion for
  • Know the basic


1. Can i make a full time from making money online in Nigeria 

We all love To be our own boss, we love the comfort of working from our home without having to make physical contact with people.  Which is why you might be asking yourself this question if you can make money from home online without leaving your bed.

The answer is yes,  you can actually make money from home all the days of your life, that is if you put in the right hard work,  dedication and even strategic planning.  Also you need to know that consistency is the key, you can become a full time online worker overnight.

First of all you will need to develop your skills, build an online presence and even leverage the power of social media.

Are there any risks involved in starting an online job 

Just like your normal offline job, there is also a level of risk associated with starting an online business. Thats why it’s advised you to be careful from scammers and people.with false deception habits.

Online jobs for students to make money
Online jobs for students to make money

When starting an online business it’s good you be careful to avoid falling into the hands of scammers.

3. Do I need any skills to start an online job

Yes, you need some level of skills to start an online business.  Though you may not need any valid qualification but with the right skill you can start a successful online business.

To start a successful online job you should focus on developing your skills, skills like your communication, content creation, marketing and even programming.  You should also try to be adaptable, while also learning continuously as all these skills our chance of becoming a full time online worker is guaranteed

Which online job is more profitable 

There is no online job that is more profitable than the other, it all depends on your strategy,  consistency and level of monetization.  Simply chose an online business that’s in demand and the money will flow to you.


In this condition the best way to stay out of debt and bankruptcy is to have another source of income different from your main work. Which online job is the best for you,  as you will still be making money while you sleep.

You can choose any of the above online job, start, invest, build it, give it some time and it will expand to meet all your needs. Thanks for reading keep visiting for more interesting posts on how to make money as a student.

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