How lucrative is shoemaking business in NigeriaHow lucrative is shoemaking business in Nigeria

How lucrative is shoemaking business in Nigeria 

We often overlook shoemaking business as a poor man business without knowing how profitable this business can become if properly managed. Many students never even think of this profession when asked to make a list of some side jobs they will want to start.

Which is why we have decided to help bring to your knowledge how lucrative this business is. Shoemaking business is one of the untapped business opportunities you can benefit from in Nigeria.  With few people into the business meaning you won’t have much competitors on your way.

Shoemaking is very profitable business that you should start if you have the knowledge, many are into the business and are making lots of money from it. Why not learn the basic of shoemaking and turn it into a profitable side hustle.

Why start a shoemaking business 

You may be wondering of all business why go for shoemaking, truth be told everybody wear shoe both old and young, no matter your sex you will also wear shoe. So you see shoe is part of our needs.

How lucrative is shoemaking business in Nigeria
How lucrative is shoemaking business in Nigeria

Your dressing is not compete without a pair of shoe to match your outfit, which is why your shoes is also part of your clothing.

Starting a Shoemaking business is very lucrative and affordable as you know everybody in Nigeria wear shoes, no matter your age, sex and occupation, you definitely need a shoe.

Shoe making business plan in Nigeria 

Many people are still puzzled as to how lucrative Shoemaking business can be, some are still eager to know how to start the journey. Which is why this post is a complete guide on how to start and thrive in your shoe making business.

Shoemaking is an everyday business,  meaning it’s not a seasonal business, unlike people who are into selling Christmas stuffs. Before starting your business in shoemaking, there are things you must consider. Things like the type of shoes you wants to be making, the amount needed to start the business and even where you will start the business from.

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Once you meet the above requirement you are good to go in your shoemaking business. Now let’s go over to the next step which is achieving this factors.

1.Write your business plan 

Every business needs a well written plan and shoe making business is not left out. Writing a plan will help you know how.well you are going in your shoe making business. While also helping you understand the principle of shoemaking.

2. Select your niche

You can’t be a jack of all trade, which is why its important you choose the category of shoes you will be making. You can either chose to make ladies shoes, men shoes and even slippers.

How lucrative is shoemaking business in Nigeria
How lucrative is shoemaking business in Nigeria

Choose a particular category in shoe making and focus on it to start making your own shoes . To start choose from the categories listed below;

  • Heels or flat shoes
  • Sandals
  • Loafers
  • Boat
  • Formal and informal shoes etc.

3. Raise your capital 

Shoemaking requires huge capitals to start unless you want to start on a small scale, which  I usually recommend to students. This is usually the first thing to do, but if you haven’t you can still start now to raise money for starting your shoe business.

Just as blood brings human to life so also do capital help bring your businesz ideas to reality.

4. Location

When starting a shoemaking business, you should look for a very strategic position that’s is close to people’s resident, this will go you gain more customers.

Before choosing your location you should first of all know the size of the business and the best places to run it. Choosing a strategic location will help increase your sales.

5. Register your business

Inorder to grow your brand you will need to register your business with Corporate Affair Commission,  as this will help show how professional you are.

How lucrative is shoemaking business in Nigeria
How lucrative is shoemaking business in Nigeria

Once you registered you will be licensed to your brand name, logo and even your products will be easily recognised in the market.

6. Build trust

One of the best ways to secure your first customers to build trust, this can be achieved by using good quality products for your work.

From leather, rubber and animal skin, make sure you use good quality materials for your work.

7. Advertisement 

One of the best way to gain more customers is by going public, this includes making am advert jingles on the radio, TV station, billboard and even by word of mouth.

Create a social media account for your products, upload new designs, brands and even new product there for your potential customers to see. Going public will help attract more customers to you.

Nowadays many business are now creating websites for their products,  you can also create one for your business too.

How lucrative is shoemaking business in Nigeria
How lucrative is shoemaking business in Nigeria

How profitable is shoemaking business

Shoemaking business is a very lucrative business if taken seriously, though it may take a little time and expertise to build it to your choiced level. But once its done it can become your own oil well, you ca  take a look at KiXX shoe how they have become a global name.

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Nigeria is very populated with over 200 million citizens, making it one of the most populated country in Africa.  All of these people wear shoe, that is to show you that shoemaking is a very thriving business in Nigeria.

You can create and design shoes for people to buy, which is very normal. As a student in Nigeria,  you can learn shoemaking while in school.  If you learn the skill you will benefit from it, since you will be making shoes for your friends and fellow students.

Once you are known to be good in making shoes, boom your breakthrough is here,  you can be making around 60k to 100k as a student per month.

I had a friend back in Abia state, his name is Osu, after his graduation from school he couldn’t get a good job. He started by drawing and designing palm shoe for.his friends and family member. His work is very good and cheap, this man many people to now start bringing their shoes for him .

How lucrative is shoemaking business in Nigeria
How lucrative is shoemaking business in Nigeria

From there he started making shoes from his house, now he has rented a shop and now has three boy working for him. With shoemaking he has become his own boss.

Challenges shoemaker face

Just like every other business, shoemaking also has it own challenges which includes, capital to start. Finance is all you need to kick start your shoemaking business in Nigeria.

With finance you will get the best tools and machine for the job. Which is why the government needs to help in providing loans to young Nigerians to help them kick start their business.


Shoemaking is very lucrative and profitable, once your work is good, people will always patronize you. Instead of going about looking for a job, learn a skill like shoemaking and become your own boss.

Many people are into this business and it’s very lucrative, you too can start and make lots of money from it.

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