7 Online writing side hustle ideas for you7 Online writing side hustle ideas for you

10 Business ideas for students in Nigeria 

There are lots of business opportunities available in Nigeria, this country is a young and vibrant country with lots of opportunities and channels for young students and entrepreneurs to make a living from.

One mistake some students make is going to school without having any business ideas to support themselves in campus. Which is why we have listed out some of the best business ideas for students in Nigeria to benefit from.

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With the current economy, one way to make a living as a student is to have a reliable business idea to help you earn extra side income. Unless your parents are money bag which mine are not. That’s why am always looking for ideas on how to make money.

Benefits of having a business ideas as a student

Their are lots of benefits to having a business idea as a student, some of them are listed below;

  • Having a business ideal will help you gain practical experience.
  • Having a business ideas and putting them to work will help you earn extra cash, outside your monthly stipend and pocket money.
  • You will develop valuable skills that can benefit you in the future.
  • Business ideas when explorer can turn out to be a huge success, take for example, Facebook and even other achievement which are too numerous to mentioned.

10 Lucrative business ideas for students in Nigeria

One of the best way to survive this economy as a student is to have an additional Business ideas that you can explore to start making money from. It’s sometimes called side hustle, since it’s not your main work, but still contribute to your source of income.

Lucrative business ideas for students
Lucrative business ideas for students

As a student you can explore some of these business ideas listed below inorder to maximise your income.

1. Graphic design

This happens to come first in our list of business ideas for students in Nigeria, because it’s quite lucrative and very much easy to learn. With the high rates of demand on visual content, graphic design has now turn out to be good mine for students to make some side cash even after classes.

Student with a skill in designing can put them to work by working as a graphic designer or even as a web designer since their pay is huge and they are also in high demand.

Lucrative business ideas for students
Lucrative business ideas for students

You can work for individuals or even big companies in designing their logo, website banner and even social media graphics. Even if you don’t have any graphic design skill, you can still visit a good designer to help you out. It can only take you 2-3 months.

2. Fashion designing

Fashion designing is another good business ideas for students in Nigeria. We all know Nigerians are known to be fashionable, we all like to be presentable, which is why you will probably make lots of money fulfilling this mandate.

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If you have passion for styling and fashion or you have a very great fashion sense, then you can start your own fashion line. Either by selling ready made clothes to your customers or you can start making it by yourself.

Lucrative business ideas for students
Lucrative business ideas for students

That’s not all you can also make lots of money from this fashion designing by creating a YouTube channels and blog to help showcase your creativity and design to get many customers.

3. Tutoring service

I can say that this tutoring service is one of the easiest business ideas for students in Nigeria, since it’s between you and your fellow students. Especially those in the department with you, who are not as bright as you are.

This is simple, you can take advantage of your expertise of your knowledge in a particular subject to help your colleagues who are not good with the subject.

Tutoring service is very flexible and easy like I have said before, you can either conduct the class online or you can do it offline. That’s if you live close to each other.

4. Event planning

Event planning is now a big deal business ideas for students in Nigeria, you can start as little as planning your friends birthday party to throwing big ones.

Students like throwing party here and there and now is the best time to use your leisure time to help them organise their party like birthday party, carnival, graduation party and even welcome back party.

Best business ideas for students in Nigeria
Best business ideas for students in Nigeria

Event planning is now one of the biggest trending business you can start, as many event planners charge as much as ₦10,000,000 for planning for your party.

5. Social Media management

Social media presence have become a national need almost everybody wants to be heard online, so having a good knowledge on social media will make it easier for you to land a lucrative part-time job with a good company.

Many celebrities and even big companies wants to establish a presence online via the various social media platforms like, Facebook, Instagram Twitter YouTube and even Pinterest. If you are a tech savvy you can leverage on this opportunity to help them gain a presence online.

6. Online store

With the help of social media you can start an online store where you can sell simple stuffs. You can start by selling what your fellow students needs.

Your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even WhatsApp can be used to market your goods and services to your audience. You can slow use some of these online stores like Etsy, Shopify and even JiJi, this can make it easier for you to make a sale.

If you have any goods or services you can start this online store, even if you don’t have any products. You can market other people own, and earn a commission once you make a sale.

7. Affiliate marketing

One of the best business ideas for students in Nigeria is affiliate marketing, since you don’t have to buy any physical products or services. You will need to promote other people’s products online or offline, once you make a sale you get your commission.

Business ideas for students in Nigeria
Business ideas for students in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest business ideas you can start as a student in Nigeria, all you need us just some minutes to promote the products.

You can join some simple affiliate network to start promoting their products and getting paid on a weekly basis.

Here are some of the best affiliate marketing program to join, Expertnaire , Digistem, Shopify affiliate marketing, Jumia affiliate marketing, konga affiliate marketing. All of these are affiliate marketing program but I do recommend you go with Expertnaire.

If you are yet to start affiliate marketing, the use this link to get your Affiliate marketing course

8. Mobile car wash

Another lucrative business ideas for students in our list is mobile car wash, this business is very lucrative and requires you to get a good and strategic location.

This business is quite cheap to start since it requires limited equipment to start, you even start it from home before expanding. All you have to do is provide good services to your customers.

9. Virtual Assistant

As student you can get a virtual Assistant job both offline or online, there are many busy professionals who are looking for virtual Assistant to help them carry out some simple task. You can help with such task such as email management, social media management, scheduling.

Business ideas for students in Nigeria
Business ideas for students in Nigeria

There are many platforms that offers you job online as a virtual Assistant, Task rabbit, fiverr and even Upwork. These platforms can help you land a very lucrative job as a student.

10. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best way students can make money by simply publishing content to keep their subscribers engaged. One way to do that is to create interesting, captivating and compelling posts that will hook your audience to keep coming back.

Blogging has turned out to become a gold mine, if you pull the plug right. You can start your blog now and build it into a money making business.

Business ideas for students in Nigeria
Business ideas for students in Nigeria

Note, blogging takes time before you start making money, so you will have to build it first before the money starts coming.


One way to stay off debt as a student in Nigeria is to have an additional source of income, which is why starting a side business can be beneficial. You not only get the money, it also help set up for greater work after schools.

Instead of depending on your parents for money, you can start up something for yourself. You can choose any of these business ideas listed up, learn about them, the start it.

It may not be successful at first but with time it will expand to start paying your bills.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions kindly use the comment box below.

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