Top 20 courses to study in NigeriaTop 20 courses to study in Nigeria

Top 20 courses to study in Nigeria 

Due to the economy of the nation and also the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, some courses should be abolished in the tertiary institutions.

Some courses are no longer worth studying, which is why you need to make a proper research before studying for any course in Nigeria. one of the best decision you should make as a student is choosing the right course.

If you chose the wrong course you are doomed to life. Before choosing a course on o study make a research to know if your course will still be relevant in the next 10 to 20 years. This will help you know your chance of getting a befitting job after school.

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With the stiff competition in the job market, there is a need you choose a course that not only gives you an opportunity to be self employed but also help you learn some skills that will help you be gainfully employed.

Top 20 courses to study in Nigeria
Top 20 courses to study in Nigeria

Here in this post are the top 20 best courses to study in Nigeria at the moment

Best course to study in Nigeria

Before going for any course, outside your passion you should ask yourself this simple question;

  • Which course has more job opportunities in Nigeria
  • What is the most paid job in Nigeria
  • What is my chance of getting a befitting job with this course
  • Will I still be relevant with these course in the next ten years.

Asking yourself this question will help you know the best Course  for you. If you are still in doubts of what course to study, then her are the top 20 courses to study in Nigeria.

1. Engineering

Engineering is a very lucrative course that will help you become self employed or even in a befitting working position. Engineering is a very diverse course meaning their are many places you can work in.

Some of the fields in engineering includes; civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer engineering. All these fields are in need of fresh graduates to work, so you see you won’t have to work around looking for job.

Working as an engineer is very lucrative as the pay is very huge, also the more you progress in your field the higher your pay check is also increasing.

Even without getting a job as a fresh graduate you can still start up something for yourself, like starting a computer engineering office or starting your own electronic company.

2. Computer science and information

This is another lucrative courses to study in Nigeria, especially with the world turning into a global village as a computer scientist your rate of success is high.

Many big companies are on the lookout for professional computer scientist for employment, if you are still contemplating of what course to study, I will recommend you try computer scientist.

Top 20 courses to study in Nigeria
Top 20 courses to study in Nigeria

As a computer scientist there is a lot job opportunity depending on your qualifications and area of specialisation , some of which are software engineering, programmers, software engineering and cyber security which has now become one of the most sought after skill in computing.

3. Healthcare and nursing

One thing we should have in mind is that health will always be of paramount importance to the citizens. Which is why studying any course under the healthcare you the highest Return on investment.

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Medicine is a very prestigious and lucrative course as their lots of work opportunities for you after graduation. You can work in private or even government owned hospital. In some cases you can start up your own business as a doctor or even a health counselor.

Healthcare is one of the best courses to study in Nigeria at this present economy.

4. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is another lucrative course to study in Nigeria, as you will responsible for the safe use for drugs by patients. Also you main job is to provide assistance to patients in getting their prescribed drugs.

This course is very lucrative and allows you to work in a government hospital as a pharmacist or even start up your own pharmacy

5. Petroleum engineering

With Nigeria depending on petroleum you will make a good fortune as a petroleum engineer student in Nigeria.

You can work in big Oli company like Conoil, Nupeng, OPEC and even shells. Also you will earn big payment as a petroleum engineer.

6. Information Technology (IT)

The world is now turning into a global village, where you can get your message across to the world just by clicking on a few buttons. Which is why  information technology is one of the best courses to study in Nigeria at the moment.

Top 20 courses to study in Nigeria
Top 20 courses to study in Nigeria

With many company and big organisation looking for professional IT student to work for them. Studying IT can equip you with some skills, with these skills you can work as a cyber security experts, data analyst and even as a network administrator.

7. Law 

We all know about lawyers and how they help to maintain law and order in the society. Studying law can help you in gaining an employment opportunity in any legal offices in Nigeria.

Top 20 courses to study in Nigeria
Top 20 courses to study in Nigeria

With stiff competition in the Job market, you can start your own legal offices in Nigeria.

8. Accounting

Accounting is another lucrative courses to study in Nigeria, especially if you are good with numbers. Studying accounting will help set you to get job as an accountant, financial analyst, auditor and even as a tax consultant.

9. Agriculture

Another lucrative courses to study in Nigeria in our list is agriculture, seems like farming has long been outdated. But that’s definitely not true, as their are still lots of people making huge money from agriculture.

You can start out as a contracted farmer or better start your own farm. Their are lots of job opportunities in agriculture and some of them are :

  • Horticulture
  • Livestock farming
  • Food productions

Their are still lots of untapped potential in agriculture that you still want to tap a little bit.

10. Marketing

Every business wants to be at the face of every magazine is and even on every radio broadcast. Inorder to make money from it you need to know about digital marketing.

Do you know how much companies are willing to pay for their adverts. Why not get a percentage of they Money for yourself, simply by pitching the company’s products to their respective clients.

Many big companies are willing to pay huge sum of money to their digital marketers if they are been advertised to the world.


Other lucrative courses to study in Nigeria

Below are some of the best courses to study in Nigeria as a student

  • Public health
  • Geology
  • Business administration
  • Mass communication
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • International relations
  • Data science
  • Theatre Arts


Studying this courses will not only provide you with an immediate employment, you also get a high paying one. Also incase you don’t get a job, you can start off something by yourself using the skills and knowledge acquired in the higher institutions.


Many people still finds it difficult to get a course to study in the university, which is why this post will guide you on how to choose the best course for yourself.

It is essential for students to consider their interests, skills, and career goals when choosing a course of study. By selecting a course that aligns with their passions and strengths, students can increase their chances of success and satisfaction in their chosen career path.

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