How much is Maggi cube in NigeriaHow much is Maggi cube in Nigeria

How much is Maggi cube in Nigeria 

Oh, I thought a packet of Maggi star is ₦900, that’s really embarrassing, which is why we advised you keep yourself up to date with the price of food stuffs ingredients. You can do so by visiting our post regularly to get updated.

Currently the price of goods and services are going up, die to the rate of inflation, so the best way to stay relevant is to get the update on the latest price at your fingertips.

Which is why we have compiled this post to help you know how much is Maggi  cube in the market.

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Using Maggi cube for your meal is one of the best spices to help bring out the aroma of your food. Also bringing out the taste to entertain your family.

How much is Maggi cube in Nigeria
How much is Maggi cube in Nigeria

Before we discuss about the price of Maggi cubes,ets first of all clear your doubts on some common questions.

Is Maggi cube good for your health

Yes, the Maggi seasoning cube is good for your health, since it’s made from natural ingredients. Customers have nothing to worry about when using the popular Maggi cubes to cook their meal.

They are made from a carefully selected ingredients inorder to give you the great taste and aroma you deserve. Each cube of Maggi seasoning cube contains Iodized salt, sugar, cloves, cassava, onions, cassava, corn starch, palm oil and soya lecithin.

All these are all natural ingredients, meaning the Maggi seasoning cube is great for human consumption.

What does Maggi cube does in the meal

If you wants to bring out the best regards taste to your meal, you should probably go for the Maggi seasoning cube.

Maggi cubes brings out the taste and aroma of the food, with Maggi seasoning cube  you are sure of getting the best taste and aroma for your meals.

Just like their motto ” with Maggi every woman is a star” you too can become a star for your family by using the Maggi cubes for your meal.  Here we highlight how much is Maggi cube in Nigeria

How many cubes are in a Maggi star

It’s just one cube inside a wrap of the Maggi seasoning cube. The Maggi seasoning is good for seasoning stew and soup.

How much is Maggi cube in Nigeria
How much is Maggi cube in Nigeria

The price of Maggi seasoning cubes

If you want to buy a packet of Maggi seasoning cube  for your meal, you will probably get it from any store at your area.

With ₦50 you can get two cubes of Maggi seasoning cubes, but I prefer buying it in bulk. You should try also getting it in packet, since it’s less expensive and more good.

A packet of Nestle Maggi chicken seasoning cube is ₦1,000 for the 100 cubes. You can also buy the Maggi crayfish cube which is now ₦1,700 for a 60 cubes.

How much is Maggi cube in Nigeria
How much is Maggi cube in Nigeria

You should try buying any of the above listed seasoning cubes.


The Maggi cube is one of the best seasoning for your meal. With a cube of Maggi seasoning you give your food Tye right taste and aroma to bring your family to the dinning.

You should instead buy a packet of the Maggi seasoning cube since it’s more economical. With just ₦1,000 or ₦1,700 you can get a packet of either Maggi chicken seasoning cube or a packet of Maggi crayfish seasoning cube.

How much is Maggi cube in Nigeria
How much is Maggi cube in Nigeria

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