How to apply for Amazon giveaway in 2024

If you are still interested in applying for the Amazon giveaway, then that means you have not been current on the Amazon news. The Amazon free giveaway events is no longer functioning, as it was stopped some few years back.

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Amazon giveaway used to be an amazing  free giveaway events that helps increase traffic to Amazon while also supporting their sales growth. This giveaway event was started in 2015 but was later stopped at the earlier months of 2019.

Many people are still waiting eagerly for the return of the Amazon free . Since the Amazon giveaway is showing no sign of resuming, that’s why we have compiled this post with some of the best giveaway events available for you.

If you are interested in getting a free giveaway online then here is your chance to qualify for a giveaway. The process is simple and straightforward, all you need to do is to perform some simple task and stand a chance to win amazing price.

Amazon giveaway
Amazon giveaway

What is an Amazon giveaway

Back then in 2019 many people might have not been active in the internet, even those who were active may not have heard of the Amazon free giveaway.

Here is a quick recap of what Amazon free giveaway is, how it works and how to apply.

The Amazon free giveaway is a promotional tools organised by Amazon to help sellers and authors create free gifts and giveaway events for Amazon users.

This is a simple means of engaging with customers, drive more sells and even increase your online visibility. The main goal is to drive traffic for a particular products, increase online presence and even gain an authority.

The event is usually colourful and straightforward as you Will to select any products and services of your choice.

How to apply for the Amazon giveaway

There are various steps for to take while applying for the Amazon free giveaway, the steps are easy, straightforward and even secured. To participate in this program you must follow some of these out listed steps.

  • You must follow the seller on their social media handles.
  • You must perform some certain task like, taking a quick survey, filling forms, watching a videos and even answering some simple question.

Once you meet all these requirements, you now stand a chance to win an amazing price for free on Amazon.

Though the Amazon free giveaway is no longer available, there are still other means available for you to apply for other Amazon giveaway.

That’s good news, since their are thousands of other giveaway available on Amazon for you to benefit from.

Amazon giveaway
Amazon giveaway

Giveaways like gift card,household items and branded goods are some of the best applied giveaway available in Amazon.

Where to find the best Amazon giveaway products

Getting a legit giveaway is not much complicated but you will need to find it from a reliable source.

That’s why this post will help you know the best place to get your Amazon free giveaway.

There are many sites, like ours where you can get your Amazon giveaway products. Some of these sites are giveaway sites while others are not , let’s quickly show you some of the best place to get your Amazon giveaway.

Another important place to check for Amazon giveaway is on the various social media platforms. These social media platforms are the best place for you to get your Amazon giveaway links .

One of the place to get your free Amazon gift card giveaway are some of these third party platform. Platforms like Gleam and Rafflecopter are one of such third party platform where you can see the link hosted by other brands.

Amazon giveaway
Amazon giveaway

Now it’s time we take you through some of the most asked questions on the Amazon free giveaway.

Does Amazon still do free giveaway

No, currently, Amazon has stopped their yearly free giveaway since 2019. The Amazon giveaway was a great opportunity for sellers to promote their products on Amazon engaging in giveaway.

This giveaway was simple, easy and much lucrative to many sellers on Amazon.

Will Amazon bring back giveaway

Tye Amazon giveaway was an impactful program that helps increase growth in the Amazon sells listing. It was been utilised by many sellers to drive traffic to their products on Amazon.

In October 2019, the Amazon free giveaway was suspended and their has been no plan to bring it back.  Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and wait for any chance of it.

Amazon giveaway
Amazon giveaway

Though their are other free giveaway available for everyone provided you have Access to the internet. Below are the list of free giveaway available for you.

Other free giveaway by simply filling some forms

Below are some other available free giveaway for you. It’s simple and easy to win, all you have to do is just fill some forms like filling your names, email address or even downloading some apps on your phone.

Doing this simple task will increase your chance of winning great amazing prices and gift . Let’s check out the best free giveaway available for you.

Free giveaway available for US citizens

1. Win $4,500 cash now

This giveaway is just the right giveaway for you, it’s easy and highly lucrative, you just have to enter your information to stand a chance to win this amazing cash reward.

To partake in this ongoing Giveaway simply use the link below, once you are in,  fill the form to increase your chance of winning.

Enter your Email to win this $4,500

2. Install and play in the win money app

There are lots of free giveaway available and one of them is this play and win game. All you have to do is simple, download the game via the link below, start playing to earn money.

The game is free and easy to play all you have to do is to Download the game


Since the Amazon giveaway is no longer functioning, it’s best time we look elsewhere for a more lucrative giveaway. This post contains lots of profitable giveaway you can apply and stand a chance to win amazing price.

Amazon giveaway
Amazon giveaway

Some of these free giveaway is simple to apply, since all you have to do is to download some apps, input your email, phone numbers and in some cases answer some questions.

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