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School supply giveaway for 2024

Do you need help paying for your kids school materials, then here is a chance to get a free school supply giveaway for all poor children in United State.

Hello and welcome to my blog, where we give you a complete guide on the latest giveaway and how to apply. In this post contains lots of links all leading to a page that will ask for your details. Feel free to input them as they will help increase your chance of winning amazing prices.

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The school season is here again and many parent may finds it hard getting the right school supply for their kids. That’s why you need to read this post more diligently, as it will help you apply and get a free school supply using the school supply giveaway.

Children from low to moderate income families are in need of free charities that gives out free school supplies like backpack, school uniforms, lunch box and even some text books.

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There are many volunteers that are giving out free school supply to children from low and moderate families. If you are one of them, all you have to do is read through this post and choose any free school supply that interests you.

There are lots of free school supply giveaway available both national and international, the best step is to apply for one and stand a chance to win one.

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Some of these programs offers free backpack, school uniforms, clothes, books and even laptops. So we will be listing out some of the best assistance program for students.


School supply giveaway
School supply giveaway

Before we list out the best program to apply as a poor kid, let’s first of all let you know who should apply for these school supply giveaway.

Who should apply for the school supply giveaway

This School supply giveaway is available to every indignant students in the United States and over the world. They are available for the poor, low class citizens, single mothers, struggling low income families, unemployed and to the homeless.

This program is more available to citizens who have food stamp that are benefiting from the free assistance program. If you are one of such citizens then you should definitely apply for these school supply giveaway.

School supply giveaway near me

Below are some of the best school supply giveaway available for every low earning United States citizens.

1. ST. Peters school supply giveaway

One of the best place to get your free school supplies is from the popular ST Peter’s Episcopal church. You can visit them to get your own free school supply giveaway.

ST Peter’s Episcopal church helps indignant student by giving out back packs on Sundays before the school week. This is done every year, to help supports the poor children to get back to school.

School supply giveaway
School supply giveaway

They help donate backpack to students from poor home who attends their school supply giveaway. Also the educator’s and trainers who attends this program also get a brand new backpack.

As a student’s  you can get apply and stand a chance to win a free backpack.

2. Salvation army free school supply

Another program that also offer free school supply is the Salvation army, just like the above mentioned program, salvation army give out free backpack from pre school to high school age.

The aim of these program is to help  lower income families during a difficult periods. They mainly donate school supplies like, shoes, clothes and backpack to many school children.

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3. Assistance league school supply

Assistance league is a non profit organisation that helps in providing school supplies like clothes, backpack, shoes, notebooks and other school supplies. They also offer free haircuts and many other amazing giveaway for student before the school year starts.

Assistance league has over 100 local chapters across the country. If you want to apply for a free School supply giveaway, then it should probably be Assistance league.

4. Urban league school supply giveaway

Another lucrative school giveaway is the urban league, with local affiliates in dozens of cities. Urban league is a national organisation thats helps in providing free stuffs, such as back to bashes, supply giveaway.

School supply giveaway
School supply giveaway

Urban league focuses on underserved families, like blacks, Hispanic families and minorities that have low income. They give out sneakers, clothes and even health screening. With all these amazing features I think you should probably go for urban league for your school supply giveaway.

Other places to get your school supply giveaway

Some other NGOs also partake in this school supply giveaway and some of them are listed below.

  •  Volunteers of America
  • Catholic charities free school supply giveaway
  • United Way free low-income school supply programs



Providing school materials for your kids has now become a burden to some low income families. With the current situation at hand, many parents will spend more than $1,000 to buy the necessary school materials for their kids.

Which is the main reason the School supply giveaway was initiated by some kind hearted individuals to help this low income families pay for their children school fees and provides the necessary materials for their schools.

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If you are a low income earner, you can also help your children apply for this school supply giveaway.

If you aren’t in need you can also assist by offering donations to help in the School supply giveaway.

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