Earn 15$ per dollar as a studentEarn 15$ per dollar as a student

How to earn 15$ per hour as a college student

College in some countries are quite expensive, so you will need a lucrative job to help you cover some of your educational bills. This post will help you know how to earn 15$ per hour while working as a student.

How will you feel if you earn 15$ per hour as a college student, here in this post are the best methods to earn 15$ per hour while still going to college.

College life is not that easy, especially if you are not from a well to do family. While in college I had to work many shifts inorder to pay some of my educational bills. Though the pay were not much, that’s why we will help you not to make the same mistake .

Online jobs are not only meant for people with degree, even as a student you can start making money online with your smartphone or even your laptop. With the rise of laptop lifestyle it’s now much easier to start making money legitimately even as a college student.

This post covers the best jobs to earn 15$ per hour, so if you are interested why not take your pen and paper and take note of some of these Jobs.

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This is the 21st century, with the introduction of many high tech gadgets, it’s now quite easy to work smart and earn more. Unlike in the early 2000s when there was not much online work for students. We only focus on doing manual labour.

With the latest improvement to technology you can 15$ per hour as a college student at the comfort of your home. Some of these Jobs are easy and does not require much skills, but we are always ignorant of it. All you should do is search the internet for the highest paying jobs for college students.

Without mincing words, we have taken time to compile the post and here are some of the highest paying jobs for college students.

9 High paying part time jobs for college students

With the high rate of tuition fee many student now need to find a side hustle to help them pay for their educational bills. With these 9 high paying jobs you can earn 15$ per hour as a student, this can help you foot your educational bills and even reduce your student loans.


How to earn 15$ per hour as a college student
Earn 15$ per hour as a student

Check out the best 9 jobs to help you earn money inorder to pay academic fees.

1. Freelance web designer and programmer

Do you know how to code, coding is one of the most sought after skills in the world at the moment. Many individuals and top organisation are willing to pay thousands of dollars to college with high coding skills. So you see coding is a gold mine, you can earn 15$ per hour or even more as a student working as a freelancer.

All thanks to some platform like Fiverr,Upwork and freelancer,as they have been helping to connect students with some exceptional coding skills to the right client.

Web design and programming skills are advanced but you can make money with them even if you are not a graduate. If you are good at coding, all you have to do is to market your services on various social media.

All better still sign in to any of those platforms mentioned above and set up a profile and stay offering freelance service.

The amount a freelancer makes is not easily accessible, but as a newbie in freelancing you can make between 9$ to 15$ per hour. That is if you offer one of the most sought after services.

Develop freelancers can take in as much as 20$ to 60$ per hour, it all depends on the services you are offering. The more advanced your services are the more money you make.

As a student in college you can start earning above the normal minimum wage. What are you still waiting for, start now put your coding skills to work. If you don’t know how to code, it’s still no big deal, you can learn if you like.

2. Academic Tutor

As a strong writer or a good speaker, you can put this good skills to work by tutoring other students in your college.

Earn 15$ per dollar as a student
Earn 15$ per hour as a student

There are many companies who will like you to tutor online through internet based educational companies like Varsity Tutors.

According to our research via PayScale, an average tutor can make at least 17$ to 18$ per hour. Making it one of the best part time job for a college student.

Another benefits of working as an academic Tutor is that it gives you the opportunity to train other students and also widen your knowledge on a particular subject.

3. Fitness instructor

This is one of the most lucrative part time job you can take up as a college student, you can earn up to $20 per hour.

This job requires you to be flexible and have good knowledge on some of the best exercising tips.

Many people are interested in getting in shape, if you are regular at a gym why not take up this responsibility to become a fitness instructor.

Earn 15$ per dollar as a student
Earn 15$ per hour as a student

You can also create a YouTube channels or even a page so that you can share some of your training videos to your followers.

If you are looking for a part time job that will help you earn 15$ per hour, then I think you should take up this Fitness instructor job.

4. Script editor or a blogger

Like we know blogging is one sure means of making money,not only making money but also becoming popular. And it’s a very lucrative skills that does not require a degree before getting a job.

With the help of site like Upwork and Fiverr you can get some editing jobs that will earn you lots of money per hour. With blogging you got the chance to earn 15$ per hour even as a college student.

Blogging gives you the chance to be your own boss, meaning you have to work at your own time, convenience and even anywhere.

If you are good writer you can start blogging, since it’s very lucrative you will have a good chance to start making money in less than 1 year.

5. Graphic designing

Another lucrative skills you can learn as a college student to earn 15$ per hour is graphic designing. This skill is in great demands this season’s.

With many companies and organisations looking for bad ass graphic designers to help design their logo and flyers.

How to earn 15$ per hour as a college student
Earn 15$ per hour as a student

With the help of Photoshop, Canva and illustrator you can make a very pretty designs to pitch to your clients.

Learning graphics designing as a student is very profitable as you can make up to 15$ per hour as an established graphic designer.

6. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a very lucrative business skills you should learn as a college student. Since many people wants to get to their business to the public. You can help them get to their targeted audience while charging them a fee.

Social media marketing is all about running ads and it helps in generating a huge source of revenue of you can do it perfectly. As a student you can start to earn 15$ per hour through social media marketing.

7. Become an online influencer

If you are a kind of student that can help persuade people to purchase something. Then you can put such work in good work by becoming an online influencer.

Online influencing is all about promoting other peoples products or services to the public. As an online influencer you can make between 12$ to 20$ per hour.

Just like affiliate marketing you also get paid, though affiliate pay per purchase while influencers are being paid based on the number of views and fanbase they have. That means the higher the fanbase the higher your money.

Also know that it takes time to build up a presence online, getting a follower is not all easy. So you shouldn’t give up, with time you can start making money from it.

8. App developer

Becoming a web developer is also a sure way of getting money as a student, since it’s a very advanced skill with a high demand. You are sure of getting huge pay from your work.

Earn 15$ per dollar as a student
Earn 15$ per hour as a student

9. Start a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channels will help you as a student, with a very successful YouTube channels you can earn above 18$ per hour.

Remember, to grow your YouTube channel is very important and it doesn’t happen over night. It will take time, resources and even work to get to this level. You will have to try first.


Related questions

Which jobs is best for a student

As a student, it’s not all job you should take, you should take something scalable and part-time and it must tally with your academic schedule.

Choose jobs that are flexible that will allows you do your school works. Jobs like blogging, YouTubing, graphic design and even web development.

How to earn 15$ per hour as a college student
Earn 15$ per hour as a student

These jobs are less demanding, so you should always take note of these whenever you want to take a job as a student.

Which job can I get with low experience as a student

There many Online jobs you can take as a student that does not require much experience.  Some doesn’t even require you to have any qualifications.

Also writing on your blogs, creating videos for your YouTube channel does not all require much experience.

Final thought

Having a part time job as a student will help you live well and even set you on a part to financial freedom. With some of these Jobs you can easily earn 15$ per hour.

With the above listed jobs you can start making your own dollar.

Thanks for reading if you have any questions or suggestions kindly use the comment box t.

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