Earn $200 for every books you readEarn $200 for every books you read

Earn $200 for every books you read

Reading books has always been a great way to expand your knowledge but now you can earn $200 for every books you read. If you want to make money from reading books online, then I advise you to go through this post.

If $200 is not too small for you then you should start reading books so that you will be paid.

Reading has always been my hobby, right from when I was a kid, I always enjoyed reading just to learn new things. Now I also make some money reading books while also learning new things. So you see that’s a win-win for you.

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As a student, you can make money just by reading some books, novels and other journals. Turn your reading habits into money-making skills by reading books online. With these you can earn $200 for every books you read, isn’t it interesting? Of course, it is.

If you love reading here are some of the best sites that can help you earn $200 for every books you read.

Get paid to read books online

If you love reading, then here is your chance to make money doing what you love. Below are the Best sites to earn $ 200 for every books you read online. If you are interested, then I will advise you to read through this post thoroughly.

1. Online book club 

The online book club is a novel review site that will pay you for reading and giving honest reviews for the books you read. Once you make your first review the books will be given to you for free.

Earn $200 for every books you read
Earn $200 for every books you read

All you just have to do on this site is to review any book you have read from the site. You don’t have to always give a positive review, but an honest one.

Reviewing books from this site will fetch up to $5 to $70 per review. So you see you can review up to 6 books per day.

2. Book Browse

Book Browse is another book site that will help you earn $200 for every books you read. With book Browse you will have to write one review per month.

Before you can become a reviewer on Book Browse you will have to submit a quality sample of your past reviews. They must be above 300 words, if you are eligible you will be selected as one of their reviewers to help them review their books.

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Book Browse focus mainly on reviewing books for Young adults, nonfiction books, adult books and some other basic books.

Earn $200 for every books you read
Earn $200 for every books you read

Book Browse has their office in the United States but that doesn’t stop you from sending in your reviews to them. They are open to employing people from outside the US to work for them. So if you are interested you can send in your review

Their books are always in ebook format so that many people can have access to them using their smartphones.

3. Booklist

You all must have heard of Booklist, especially if you are into reading books as a hobby. Booklist helps write a good review of top-selling books to help the readers decide which one to buy.

Their reviews are short, interesting and impactful, with around 170 to 200 words per review. Their reviews will make you want to get the books.

Booklist pays you 15$ per review once it’s accepted but if rejected you will only be paid 5$. So you see you have nothing to lose.

4. Kirkus Media

If you are looking for a book site to help you earn $200 for every books you review, then Kirkus Media is a deal for you.

Kirkus Media is looking for a good book reviewer in Spanish and English language. They have plenty of work to go around, so you have a chance of getting a book assigned to you.

They review and edit nearly up to 10,000 books per year with a two-week deadline assigned to you for your review.

Earn $200 for every books you read
Earn $200 for every books you read

To review books on Kirkus Media it should be around 350 words and it could be in any genre and length.

5. Women’s Review of Books

Another good site to start a book review with is the Woman’s Review of Books, this site is very good and their pay is rich. You will pay up to $100 for each review you publish.

They are strict on whom they assign books to review, so you will have to work hard to get a book assigned to you.

6. The US Review of Books

The US Review of Books is another site to earn money reviewing books, their books must be reviewed in the Chicago style.

So, if you want to earn $200 for every books you read, then you should consider joining the US Review of Books.

7. Upwork

Upwork is another way to earn $200 per book review, but before you can start you will need to create your profile page and make a listing as a book reviewer.

Upwork helps draw authors and editors to you, they can now hire you to work for them directly to read and review books.

Earn $200 for every books you read
Earn $200 for every books you read

Upwork lets you fix your price and the best client to work with. These can help you earn lots of money. As a book reviewer on Upwork, you can be paid between $15 to 75 dollars for every books you read.

8. Reedsy

Reedsy is another online site that allows you to review more than 100 books before they are published. You can make money as a book reviewer on Reedsy since many authors submit their books to be reviewed.

With Reedsy you are been paid by readers as tips for your review.

Other means of making money reading books

There are still many ways to make money reading books, some of them are listed here below.

1. Translate books as a freelancer

Are you affluent in a particular language if yes, then you can start translating the books to the desired language.

This is another method you can use to earn 200 dollars for every books you read.  You will be paid handsomely to proofread or edit translated books to make sure they read well.

Getting a book translation job is very simple, you can get one from any of the following sites:

  • Guru
  • Indeed
  • Babelcube
  • Upwork
  • Flexjobs
  • Today translation
  • Fiverr
  • Ulatus

2. Get paid to write your book

If you enjoy reading books, then I think writing one won’t be a problem. Another way to make money from books is to start writing your books.

Writing your books is great to start making money online from the comfort of your home. You can apply to Amazon Kindle and then you can start writing and selling your books there.

Earn $200 for every books you read
Earn $200 for every books you read

These are the best ways to earn $200 for every books you read, you can read as many books as you want write a good review and then get your money. If you are interested apply for any of them listed above.

Wrapping up

For you to earn $200 for every books you read, you must be good at reading and also writing reviews on those books. That is the best way for you to earn $200 for every books you read.

So your reading is a very good business, which can make you lots of money if you are consistent and good at it. You can also write some books of your own and get them published. This will also help you start making money online.

Earn $200 for every books you read
Earn $200 for every books you read

Thanks for reading if you have any questions or suggestions kindly use the comment box below.

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