Online jobs in UK for foreignersOnline jobs in UK for foreigners

5 Online Jobs in UK for Foreigners

There is no short answer as to why people travel out of their countries, there are many reasons why we feel motivated to travel out and making money is one of them. 

A lot of people travel out for tourism, education and some for treatment. While some travel because of these listed reasons many people travel out to work and earn money. 

Many people are travelling out of their country to another foreign country for greener pastures.  This has created a lot of competition for space to work in some of these foreign countries. 

Getting a job in the UK as a foreigner can be a dream come true, you can also get one as many foreigners in the UK are also working from home to make money for themselves and their families. So in this post, we will share with you some of the best online jobs in UK for foreigners.


So this post we will help you secure a lucrative online job in the UK even as a foreigner. Whether you are starting it as a side hustle or you are starting a new venture, online jobs are a sure way to make additional income.

With the latest changes in technology, it’s quite easy to work remotely at any location not even minding time. Our mode of working has changed with us needing only a laptop and a stable internet connection to make money online. So in this post, we will help know some of the best online Jobs in UK you can start and also how to apply.


How do I get a job in UK as a Foreigner

Getting a good paying job in UK is quite easy that is if you have the right connection and good paper work. A graduate Visa allows you stay for 2 years after graduation to enable you get a job. 

Online jobs in UK for foreigners
Online jobs in UK for foreigners

For you to get a good paying work in Uk as a foreigner you will have to get a certificate of sponsorship from your employer. You will also need to know how to speak read and understand English properly.

If you are approved your Visa can last up to 5 years before you can extend it.


Can I get a job in UK from Nigeria

Yes,  you can get a good job in the UK as a Nigerian, but you must receive a skilled work visa to be able to work in the UK. Be sure to have received and accepted a job offer from a UK-based employer. 

Let’s not divert let’s focus on our main topic for today which is the best 5 online jobs in UK for foreigners. 


Online Jobs in the UK for Foreigners

Technology has now turned the world into a global village, you no longer need to go out before working. You can do so within the comfort of you home and at your own convenient time.

Below are the lists of online jobs in UK for foreigners;


Online jobs in UK for foreigners
Online jobs in UK for foreigners

1. Teaching Assistant

location: Warwick, England, United Kingdom

wage; 75 to 90 dollars per hour

Job description

The teaching assistant job is offered by Aspire People, one of the leading education communities. 


2. Senior Software Engineer

This work requires you to have experience as a software engineer since you will be collaborating with some other workers to develop massive multiplayer role-playing games on PC 

Your work also allows you to monitor game health and total performance. This work requires you to work full-time at your own convenient time, place and time. 


3. Financial Services Paralegal

location ; London, United Kingdom 

Working as a financial services paralegal allows you to support international bank consumers, compliance and review departments by reviewing, investigating and resolving complaints related to consumer focused banking products and services. 

Your main work is to analyse complaint, draft summary and recommendations letters. 

You must have an experience on financial services, you will have to work full time 


Online jobs in UK for foreigners
Online jobs in UK for foreigners

4. Financial Analyst

location: work from anywhere

You can work as a financial analyst from your home to some of the leading financial institutions in UK.

Your main job is to perform detailed financial analysis,prepare recommendation and forecast. You should also be able to evaluate and improve business processes. 

Before application you must-have a 2 year experience as a financial analyst in some organisations.


5. Software Engineer, Flex

Another online jobs in UK foreigners is as a Software Engineer, you are expected to deploy, test develop and design brand features using technology such as java, typescript.

Build, deploy and manage applications in AWS cloud. Work on full-stack development of platform tools and application services.

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