Why choose expertnaire as your affiliate marketing programWhy choose expertnaire as your affiliate marketing program

How to make ₦100,000 on Expertnaire as an affiliate 

The main goal of every affiliate marketer is to sell their products and getting their commission. Which is why we have written down this clear easy to understand step on how to make over ₦100,000 on Expertnaire as an affiliate marketer.

If you have not joined the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program, then you can use this link to get the course Affiliate marketing program for beginners. This is a complete step by step guide on how to register for expertnaire affiliate marketing program. Also, it will help you learn how to make over ₦100,000 on the platform, in just a month of reading.

Having said that, let’s get into the main reason why we are here which how to help you earn more money on Expertnaire at a shorter time frame.

Before we go on let’s discuss what Expertnaire is all about.

What is Expertnaire and how does it work

Like we have discussed in our previous post, expertnaire is a digital platform that allows you market digital products to your audience in return for commission.

How I made my first sales on Expertnaire
How I made my first sales on Expertnaire

Expertnaire is also considered as an online marketplace that deals on digital products. It’s known as the biggest digital market in Nigeria, where affiliate can make lots of money promoting any digital products of their choice.

How does it work

It’s very simple, Expertnaire has made it a lot easier to make money from their platform, As a digital creator and as an affiliate which is also known as vendor.  you can create digital products of your choice like, course, books and tutorials which you can market to the masses.

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Also affiliates make their own share of the money by helping creators find potential customers to buy their products.

Expertnaire is one of the biggest affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria, you can make money from it as an affiliate and also as a digital content creator, you see it’s a must platform for you to make money even as a student, stay at home mother, corper and even a fresh graduate who is looking for fresh job.

Now let’s guide you on how to start making at least ₦100,000 per week as an affiliate marketer in expertnaire.

How I made my first ₦100,000 as an affiliate marketer in just 2 weeks of registration

You may be pushed to ask some of these questions like ;

  • How can I make money as an affiliate marketer
  • How do I sell to people,am always shy
  • I don’t know what to say
  • Am an introvert

These are some of the questions people ask, but that shouldn’t be a problem, as I was once in your shoe.

I heard of affiliate marketing from one of my friend in church, who was then running affiliate on digistem, but I was so reluctant to register. Even after seeing some of his earnings on a weekly basis.

Not that I didn’t want to, but the problem was that I cant sell at that time, I don’t know how to talk to people about something talk less of convincing them to buy something.

More winnings on Expertnaire, what are you still waiting for
More winnings on Expertnaire, what are you still waiting for

I was shy and couldn’t even persuade someone to do something, so I thought this affiliate marketing of a thing isn’t for me. Not until I met my mentor Muyiwa Odofin who sold the course for me for ₦30,000. After I studied the course, I made my first sale a week later and in two weeks I average over ₦100,000 on commission.

You may think that was because I know how to sale, no I didn’t it was just after studying the course, that I applied the steps and right now am making sales on a daily basis. Which is the more reason why I advise you also get the Expertnaire NAME course inorder to start making money just like me.

How to make money on Expertnaire as a newbie

You might have been hearing of how other big affiliate marketers are making over ₦1,000,000 on sales as an affiliate marketing. Which is why we have decided to help you as a beginner to also start making money.

Don’t expect to start making like ₦1,000,000 also per week, but you can start making at least ₦100,000 on your first week of registration. Here is a simple guide on how to start making sales as an affiliate on Expertnaire.

1. Promote products that are hot selling

One of the best way to start making money as an affiliate marketer via Expertnaire is by simply marketing those hotcake products. Products like healthcare, making money and relationships.

Marketing this hotcakes of a product will guarantee you access to start making money faster than you can imagine.

When I started I choose making money, since I know that every body wants to make money due to the economy. People are now looking for a side income to make money from, I pitched many making money online course to them , which they bought without hesitation.

Thanks to Expertnaire he got a new car
Thanks to Expertnaire he got a new car

You see to make money as an affiliate always go for hots selling products, especially the wealth creations like crypto,blogging, freelancing and even Amazon KDP. Many people are interested in this course. They are now in high demand.

2. Promote your affiliate links

You can’t expect people to come to you for your affiliate links, rather you take it to them and one of such way is by telling your friends families and even uploading it to your social media handles.

Social media has now become a popular place to promote your business and ideas to a wide range of customers. This can only be done by making proper use of your social media platforms to draw customers to your affiliate links.

Remember, not everybody will buy but atleast some people will buy. Assuming your pitch your link to let me say like 1000 people and 200 people picked interest, then by the end of the day only 120 people make a purchase. Isn’t that cool let just say you earn ₦20,000 commission for each products mad you multiply it by 120 people, that will be  ₦2.400,000. But you will not be making that much now, with time your earnings will even surpass that.

One of the best place to get quality leads are on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and even twitter, you can also run your link on tiktok and YouTube. Do you know how to make sales using your social media handles if no you should get this course also. Some people still struggle to make sales, if you are one of such people, use this Link

With that out if the way, let’s move to the next step

3. Organise class and give out the right information

One of the best way to draw people to buy your digital products is by organising live classes and webinars. This help you draw people of like minds to you, and you will inturn give them the information on why they should buy your course.

Start making money as an affiliate marketer on expertnaire
Start making money as an affiliate marketer on expertnaire

No body wants to waste their time on what will not benefits them, so ensure your class is worth staying till the end. Make the class interesting, engaging and even entertaining.

Don’t start with asking them to buy your products, give them value first, make them see reasons why they will have to get the course. By doing so, you won’t even have to persuade them, cause they have already seen the benefits of what you are telling them.

4. Show them proof and evidence

We believe in seeing is believing, as we all want to see with our eyes first before believing, which is why you must have evidence and proof of payment to help convince them.

When people see proofs of someone making money by simply promoting products online they will more persuade to register.

5. Be committed and consistent

One of the best way to succeed in life is by commitment and consistency. Once you are dedicated to promoting your affiliate links, with time you start making money from it.

Some people may not start selling in the first week, some may make their first sales after two months or more . But to succeed you must be consistent and dedicated. Nothing good comes easy, be dedicated, with time you will be smiling to your bank every week.

That’s how to start making money as an affiliate marketer in your first week of joing the platform.

Start making money as an affiliate marketer on expertnaire
Start making money as an affiliate marketer on expertnaire

If you are yet to get the course use this link NAME for your affiliate marketing program.


If you are not making money online then you are still in the dark, why not join affiliate marketing and start mining money by promoting other people’s products. One of the best platform for affiliate marketing is Expertnaire, buy the course using the link above, register and start making money.

If you didn’t make money after three months of buying this course, we will refund back your money.

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