6 Best loan apps in Nigeria 

The economy is getting bad by the day, the price of goods are going higher on a daily basis. Why not get loan from these loan apps to help you sort some problems this mid February.

According to report the price of rice is around ₦70,000 and the price of beans is around ₦100,000 and you don’t know how much it will be on Easter. That’s why these loan apps will help you get instant loan to help you get some food stuffs, pay your kids school fees and even pay House rents and shop rents.

If you are in need of instant loan, then here in this post are the lists of loan apps that gives out easy and convenient loans in Nigeria.

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There are so many loan apps in Nigeria that offers fast and convenient loans to Nigerians students. You can easily apply and get loans from them from the comfort of your home.

Getting loans from some of this loan apps are fast, secured, reliable and fast. Also there is no paperwork, no visiting their offices . All you have to do is fill their forms online, provide the necessary details and you will get your money within an hour.

Here are the 6 best loan apps you should visit to get access to swift loans instantly.

1. Fairmoney 

The first online loan app I normally recommend to people is fairmoney, with over 10 millions download making it one of the best downloaded loan app in Nigeria.

Online loan apps in Nigeria
Online loan apps in Nigeria

If you want a quick loan in Nigeria, then fairmoney is your ideal option since their loan are approved and disbursed to their customers within 5 minutes.

Also, they offer affordable small scale loan to small business owners with no stress, no paperwork, no collateral at an affordable rates. All you need is your smartphone, data connection and a good a good credit history. These are used to determine your eligibility.

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Fairmoney offers loans from ₦1,000,000 upto ₦5,000,000 and the money will be sent directly to your bank account.

Fairmoney also offer some other financial services like bill payment, airtime top up and some other services.

2. Kuda

Another loan apps we normally recommend is Kuda, popularly known as the bank of the free. Kuda is an online app that offers short term loans to their customers in form of overdraft.

Getting loans from Kuda is quite simple, no collateral, no paperwork and a low interest rate.

Online loan apps in Nigeria
Online loan apps in Nigeria

The loan plan last for upto 90 days but you will have to start paying back within 30 days.

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Kuda with many customers are always free for you to get your quick loans online. So if you are in need of online apps to get quick loans, then Kuda should be your option.

3. Palm credit

Another loan apps to  get your loan from is Palm credit, with over 5 million download. Making them a reliable source to get a quick loan in Nigeria online.

Online loan apps in Nigeria
Online loan apps in Nigeria

Palm credit is owned by popular Nigeria company, Transsnet financial Nigeria LTD. So you have nothing to worry about, they are well recognised in Nigeria.

Palm credit offers an online loans to their customers, with no collateral if you are applying for loans below ₦100,000.

Palm credit offers quick loans with a good repayment plan. You are to pay back the loan 14 to 180 days after the loan has been disbursed.

4. Aella 

Aella is quite another online app that offers quick loans, so if you are in need quick loans to pay for your kids school fees, house rents or even startup a business, then Aella loan app is a sure stop.

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With Aella loan app you can get upto ₦1,000,000 loan with a three months repayment plan with a competitive interest rates.

Online loan apps in Nigeria
Online loan apps in Nigeria

So head over to your playstore and download Aella app and start getting easy, swift loans.

5. RenMoney

RenMoney is another cool loan apps available for you to get quick, easy and lucrative loans from.

Online loan apps in Nigeria
Online loan apps in Nigeria

RenMoney with over 500k downloads making them an ideal app to get a quick loan of up to ₦6,000,000 with over a year repayment plan.

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To get a loan from RenMoney you will need to get a bank statement, utility bills and a government issued ID card.

6. Branch

Branch is one of the top leading online loan apps you can get easy loan. Branch gives out an easy, quick loans to their customers with a repayment plan of 61 days to 180 days.

Online loan apps in Nigeria
Online loan apps in Nigeria

They offer personal loan from the range of ₦2,000 to ₦500,000 with no paperwork, collateral and even documents.

All thanks to loan apps, as it’s now easier for us to get access to quick and easy loans. Instead of running tro and fro to your banks. Why not download one of these online loan app and get quick loan at the comfort of your home.

Ensure you pay back your loan on time to avoid attracting heavy interest and fine. If you want to pay back your loan to any of these online loan apps, then here are the step by step guide on how to repay loan via online app.

How to repay loan online

Repaying your online loan is quite simple and straightforward, all you have to do is follow the step by step process listed below.

Most of these loan apps ask for you BVN and some other important information, so you have no chance of neglecting the loan .

Some of them get their money directly from your bank at the end of the stipulated time. But it’s advised you follow these process.

  • Select the pay loan option
  • Type in the amount you want to pay
  • Select the debit card to use
  • Then input your pin the money will be deducted instantly from your account.
  • Remember to pay your loan biweekly
  • Improve your income and channel some of the money to paying for your loan.

These are steps involved in paying for your loan.


Getting an instant loan at the comfort of your home has now become an easy task. All you should do is sit on your favourite chair, download any of the above loan app.

Select the amount you want to download and it will be disbursed to your account. With these apps you can get a secured, instant easy loans without having any collateral, paperwork and no stress.

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