High paying jobs in financeHigh paying jobs in finance

5 top colleges for high paying jobs in finance 

Earning more money help us live our dream life, some MBA graduates who works in some finance industry including in accounting earn very good salary. Some graduates of some business colleges are paid well.

That is why this post will help you know the best high paying jobs in Finance you can get as an MBA graduates. According to statistics in the US, 2020 graduates from this college who works in the finance or accounting sector has an average salary of more than $100,000.

Some from these schools has an annual salary of $200,000 while some alumni make get more than $350,000. Here are the top 5 colleges for high paying jobs in finance.

A new ranking puts MIT at number 1 while the university of Virginia first among public schools. This list is currently based on the US need ranking of the best undergrad program on finance. This list is based on peer assessment, survey and other ways.

Let get down to business,


Best colleges for degree in Finance 

These are the list of colleges that can guarantee you good degree in finance. With it you are sure of getting a high paying jobs in finance.

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1. University of Pennsylvania

This is the first college on our list of best college for degree in finance, this is because finance is one of the area of concentration in the university of Pennsylvania undergraduate business school.

Their programme prepare their students in all areas in finance, making them well trained for future reference and employment.

High paying jobs in finance
High paying jobs in finance

They have a spot in some areas of finance such as global investment banking, financial markets, asset management and commercial and industrial financial management, venture capital, merger and acquisition and global management consulting.


2. New York University ( NYU)

The New York University offers an undergraduate concentration in finance that helps prepare student for technical and analytical skills needed to start a career in financial industry.

Basically, their Finance curriculum is divided into two areas namely; Investment/capital markets and corporate finance.


3. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

One advantage of getting through UMich is that it allows top banks and financial institutions recruits directly from their undergraduate programmes. And also as a resident of Michigan it gets more appealing as you will get a low in-state tuition.

The Ross school of business at UMich offers a general bachelor’s degree in business administration with a whole lots of rooms for selections in different areas including finance.

High paying jobs in finance
High paying jobs in finance


4. University of Texas at Austin

Texas McCombs customizes their finance program to align with the individual career paths of each student.

BBA finance students begin with a mandatory course, FIN 357, and then have a variety of elective options to suit their specific interests and goals.

They can opt for a general finance major or select from six specialized tracks: banking, investment management, corporate finance and investments, energy finance, real estate finance, and financial markets/business analytics.


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5. University of California -Berkeley

Haas’s undergraduate curriculum places a strong emphasis on a comprehensive education, incorporating liberal arts courses as a foundation. While students will earn a BS in Business, that is one the more reason why it’s on the list among colleges for high paying jobs in finance.

In Administration, they have the flexibility to customize their coursework based on their individual interests through an extensive range of elective options. So you see, you have nothing to lose.

Additionally, all undergraduate Haas students are obliged to complete a fundamental course in Finance.

High paying jobs in finance
High paying jobs in finance

Highest paying jobs in finance

As we all know the finance field is a very lucrative ones, especially to those with the right skills and qualifications. While choosing our various fields in finance, we should consider aiming for for high paying jobs in finance.

Inorder to save you the stress of thinking of the best job for you as a financial experts. This post covers some of the best highest paying jobs in finance, their salaries and even their responsibilities.


1. Chief Financial officer (CFO)

Becoming a chief financial officer in a company is very great position because it plays a major roles in company financial management. This is the reasons why it require someone with the right technical skills and experience.

As the CFO your major work is on budget planning, financial planning and reporting. You also ensure the company’s financial health is in good condition by providing financial guidance to the CEO and the board of directors.

As the chief financial officer of an organisation your salary is always huge, it falls between $328,090 to $560,000 annually.

High paying jobs in finance
High paying jobs in finance

The salary may varies depending on the company’s sizes.


2. Investment banking

Another high paying jobs in finance sector is investment banking, since they work closely with government, large organisations and other corporation to help them raise capitals. They help in raising capitals by issuing stocks and bonds.

Their major roles is providing financial advise for merger acquisition and other financial acquisition.

Note this kind of jobs requires intense analytical works and involves working long hours under high pressure situations.

The pay is good, as an investment banker, you are among the highest earner in the finance sector. Their average salary is between $56,789 to $600,900 annually.


3. Hedge funds manager

Hedge funding is one of the best work in the finance sector, as your main job is to overseas investment funds that will likely generate incomes to your client. Doing this involves lots of analytical work and using sophisticated strategies.

Their major roles involves making investment decisions, risk management and managing the entire portfolio. What determines the success of this investment is the amount of funds involved.

High paying jobs in finance
High paying jobs in finance

As a hedge funds manager you stand to gain upto $106,050  annually.

4. Actuary

The name may sound strange but it’s a very lucrative finance jobs that involves you working in insurance company or in the pension funds and other financial institutions.

Their major work is to make an informed decision about pricing, underwriting and investment strategies.

As an actuary you enjoy a stable and well paying job with as low as $115,000 annually.

Wrapping up

As we all know finance career is one of the most sought after jobs in the world. And also been one of the most lucrative jobs you can work .

Knowing the best Job to take and the career parts to follow iss what will help you choose your stand in the finance sector. This is why we write out this post on the high paying jobs in finance for you.

High paying jobs in finance
High paying jobs in finance

Read through this post to know the best finance jobs you can get, their average salary and their duties.


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